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  GenoSur Products and Services offers complete turn-key solutions, from product design, to material procurement, to manufacturing and supply chain management of custom medical, diagnostic and research devices.

  Meeting the highest standards for quality, delivery and service, our team can assist and actively participate in every step of product development, including:

  • Industrial and graphic design of packaging and components,
  • Sourcing and procurement of components and equipment required for the manufacture of your medical device or sample collection kit,
  • Development of procedures and quality controls to comply with ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 and other certifications that may be required for your project.
  • Custom tube, vial and kit barcoding and labeling
  • Deployment of cost-effective sample return systems using the United States Postal Service, Canada Post, and other major couriers.
  • Kitting and kit assembly process including registration, links to databases, etc.
  • Freight management services.
  • Fulfillment & distribution.

  We are based in Santiago, Chile, an ideal location for sourcing a variety of component materials given the many free trade agreements currently in place, and cost efficient shipping routes to and from Asia and North America.

 Our company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. In 2018 alone, we manufactured over 350,000 kits.


SUReYield DNA collection kit

SUReYield™ DNA Collection Kit

With SUReYield™ DNA collection kit you can get optimal yield for your genomic applications. We offer customized branding and private labelling to fit your needs.

SUReYield™ DNA collection Kit combines best in class product development and tailored services that aim to fulfill all the requirements of your genomics company. Some of our product features are:

  • Self or assisted DNA collection.
  • Proprietary sample stabilization solution and FDA-registered swab for an easy bucal sampling.
  • Twice DNA yield versus similar products in the market.
  • This collection kit is compatible for use with infants.
  • Tube labelling/tagging according to customers’ requirements: Data Matrix, QR Codes or RFID for advanced identification or tracking of your samples
  • Kit packaging custom design including trays, boxes, inserts, etc.
  • Pre-paid mail sample retrieval system with anti-spill containment system.
  • Distribution center located in Dallas, TX, can stock and distribute each kit to the end-user.


Sterile Tube Filling

Within our ISO 13485:2016 facility, we have a certified sterile tube filling procedure. We can prepare sampling tubes with your proprietary or sourced choice of nucleic acid (or other sample) stabilization solution, or use our SUReYield DNA Lysis and Stabilization solution. 

Medical Device Kitting

In our ISO 13485:2016 certified facility we manufacture custom design kits containing medical devices. These kits are manufactured to comply with all the requirements of our clients and the elements containing barcodes are registered into the client’s system as they are produced and quality controlled.

End-user Fulfillment

In order to ship kits to your patients/users in time. We partnered with a fulfillment company based in Texas to coordinate stock levels and individual order fulfillment. This service may include registration of which items were sent in each shipment for further traceability. 

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