Chile (Spanish) –Chilean Startup created a reagent that will double the processing capacity of labs and clinics.

COSTA RICA (Spanish) – Costa Rican scientists in the fight against covid-19: They developed tests in Chile and USA.

COSTA RICA (Spanish) – Daniela Mendoza lives in Chile. Her company became a key element to contain the pandemic there.

CHILE (Spanish) – Biotech startup aims to solve a global problem using technology developed in Chile.

CHILE (Spanish) – World-class startup! The biotech company developed a kit to take samples of COVID-19 remotely.

CHILE (Spanish) – Genosur is a kit created  by a group of Chileans that allows to detect COVID-19 remotly. 

CHILE (Spanish) – Genosur sample test seeks to help countries contain the virus, allowing for testing to happen remotely.

EE.UU.- GenoSUR and 7 Holdings Group Open Testing Kit Manufacturing Facility in Miami-Dade County.

CHILE (English) – How Chilean Copper and Innovation Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 in the region. 

CHILE (Spanish) – Genosur has been fabricating kits during the last two months to solve a global problem.

CHILE (Spanish) – Chilean test detects Covid-19 with no risk: Inactivates the virus during transportation.

CHILE (Spanish) – The sampling kit that got the attention of the Chilean and U.S. governments – created by Chileans

CHILE (Spanish) – “Chilean technology is helping solve the global urgency to contain the virus thanks to a new kit”

CHILE (Spanish) – Genosur testing device allows for a safe transport of the sample, from the patient’s location to the lab.

EE.UU. – Genosur has developed a portable medical device/field sample collection kit for COVID-19, to avoid the ER.

Chile (Spanish) – The company knew how to react and found the elements to create a kit in its warehouses.

CHILE (Spanish) – Genosur has been fabricating kits during the last 2 months, helping solve a global problem.

CHILE (Spanish) – The sample kit aims to make COVID-19 testing more accessible, specially for patients with the virus.

CHILE (Spanish) – Chilean company develops a sampling kit (medical device) to fight the spread of COVID-19.

CHILE (spanish) – A Chilean created a kit to detect the coronavirus remotely: Mexico and the USA are ordering the kits.

CHILE (Spanish) – Chilean kit allows for a remote detection of Covid-19, helping avoid crowds at clinics.

EE.UU. -GenoSur developed a portable medical device / sampling collection and created 90 jobs in Miami-Dade

EE.UU. – The device uses a non-invasive testing method that inactivates pathogens within the sample.

CHILE (Spanish) – Genosur is a kit created by a group of Chileans that allows COVID-19 to be detected remotely.

CHILE (Spanish) – Matías  and Daniela received a call from the government. The request was clear: one million kits…

CHILE (Spanish) – The Genosur test prevents patients from having to go to hospitals and clinics to get tested.

CHILE (Spanish) – The Chilean government purchased a million Covid-19 detection tests from

Chile (spanish) – Chilean company will open a Testing Kit Manufacturing Facility at Miami-Dade Council.