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SUReYield DNA collection kit

SUReYield™ DNA Collection Kit

With SUReYield™ DNA collection kit you can get optimal yield for your genomic applications. We offer customized branding and private labelling to fit your needs.

SUReYield™ DNA collection Kit combines best in class product development and tailored services that aim to fulfill all the requirements of your genomics company. Some of our product features are:

  • Self or assisted DNA collection.
  • Proprietary sample stabilization solution and FDA-registered swab for an easy bucal sampling.
  • Twice DNA yield versus similar products in the market.
  • This collection kit is compatible for use with infants.
  • Tube labelling/tagging according to customers’ requirements: Data Matrix, QR Codes or RFID for advanced identification or tracking of your samples
  • Kit packaging custom design including trays, boxes, inserts, etc.
  • Pre-paid mail sample retrieval system with anti-spill containment system.
  • Distribution center located in Dallas, TX, can stock and distribute each kit to the end-user.